Marz Lovejoy was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, raised in San Diego and Santa Monica, California and became the woman she is now after many years of grinding in New York. She currently lives between Minnesota and New York with her 3 children.

From professional modeling and acting, writing and producing music, and creating published works in the  literary field, Marz continues to evolve in creativity while centering community and social responsibility. Some of her projects include: Her annual “…And Still We Ride…” bike ride out, celebrating Black women, the live streaming of her son's birth that raised awareness and funds for Black Maternal Health organizations and working as the curator-at-large for Alvaro Barrington’s studio where she brings community and ethics into a traditionally profit-over-people art world. With a far reaching audience and a lens for equity, justice, and focus on Black plight, Marz continues to integrate biking, birthwork, and farming into the art & entertainment industry.

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